The Best Gymnastic Rings For Great Workouts For Years To Come

best gymnastic rings
A Straddle Planche is an advanced exercise you can do on the rings.

This is my review of the best gymnastic rings you can add to your home gym. 

I looked at quite a few different sets of gymnastic rings and came to the conclusion that the best gymnastic rings you can get are the PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastic Rings.

I’ve used gymnastic rings extensively in my earlier fitness days. I used to have a pair of plastic rings that I hung from a large tree. Rings are an incredible piece of equipment that is versatile and cheap. If you’re interested in starting a home gym, especially on a budget, this is a great first piece of equipment for you.

The reason behind the PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastic Rings being the number one choice for the best gymnastic rings you can get comes down to several things. They are made of high-quality wood, they can support a lot of weight, and the straps are quite nice. 

The other rings on this list each have their own pros and cons. For example, if you’re planning on using your rings outdoors exclusively, then you’re better off with Plastic or Metal rings. The Titan Fitness Wooden Gymnastic Rings are also a good contender for first place, only falling short due to a lower weight limit. 

Keep on reading to find out more about the best gymnastic rings you can add to your home gym or fitness routine. 

Top Picks

PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastic Rings
Titan Fitness Wooden Gymnastic Rings
NAYOYA Gymnastic Rings
PACEARTH Plastic Gymnastic Rings
GoorangeSy Stainless Steel Olympic Rings

Review of the Best Gymnastic Rings

Here are my top picks for the best gymnastic rings you can find on amazon. 

PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastic Rings

These rings are made of birch wood. They may come splintered out of the package, so ensure you sand them a little prior to use. 

The weight capacity for these rings is quite high. They can hold up to 1000 pounds, which should be far more than enough for your training purposes. 

These rings are durable, but do not do well outdoors according to some customer reviews. Do not leave these outdoors for long periods of time. A couple of reviews have indicated that leaving the rings outdoors (and in the rain) for long periods caused the rings to fall apart. 

The straps are made of nylon and come with a velcro strap for easy storage. There are also marks on the straps that serve as indicators that make it easy for you to adjust the straps to your desired length. This is a useful feature you can use if you’re going for a specific length for the straps.

The buckles are of decent quality and you’ll find them easy to adjust. They have plenty of teeth to ensure they get a solid grip on the straps. 

This is a good pair of rings you can get for your home gym or to add to your fitness routine. Again, make sure to store them indoors when not in use to increase their longevity. 

Titan Fitness Wooden Gymnastic Rings

These rings are wooden, which will give you a nice grip. The high quality wood will ensure you get a product that will last you a long time. 

Some reviews have indicated a roughness in the wood, so sanding the wood may be necessary so that you don’t tear up your hands. 

These rings have a weight capacity of 600 pounds. These rings can hold plenty of weight without failing, but be careful about loading them up too much, especially if you are a larger individual. 

The wood of the rings is high quality, so as long as you take care of the rings and don’t leave them outside, the rings will last. Some customer reviews have shown that the straps do deteriorate over time.

The straps consist of nylon. A Velcro strap comes included to make it easier for you to store the straps when not in use, which I think is pretty good. According to the specs, it says the straps measure 15. I can only assume that this is a typo, and it should say 15 feet. 

Many customer reviews have indicated that the metal spring clamp for the straps make it difficult to adjust the straps.  

This is a decent pair of rings you can get for your home gym. The main things you’ll want to do are sand the rings before using. You may need to replace the straps after a few years depending on how often you use them.

NAYOYA Gymnastic Rings

These rings are made of PC (Polycarbonate) Plastic. If your hands get sweaty, they will be a bit harder to grip, but they have a textured grip to help minimize that problem.

These rings are capable of holding a whopping 2000 pounds. This is well beyond what you’ll need, but this indicates that the rings are strong and will last. 

Due to these rings having PC Plastic as their material, you can rest assured they will last. When I regularly used rings, I had a plastic pair that I kept outside hanging on a tree and never had an issue with them, so you can use these outdoors. 

Many reviews indicate that the straps are sturdy and do not slip. The straps come with a velcro strap for easy storage or to hold any excess strap out of the way above the buckle. The length of each strap is over 14 feet. 

The buckle material is steel and will prevent the straps from slipping if the rings are set up properly. If the straps are set up improperly, the buckle will break. This is a common problem I’ve seen in many reviews of several different rings. 

This is a nice pair of rings that I’d recommend. For about the same price as a gym membership, you have a simple piece of equipment that will give you a great workout for years to come!

PACEARTH Plastic Gymnastic Rings

These rings are made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Plastic. This is good quality plastic, but not as good as PC Plastic. The surface of the rings comes with texturing to prevent your hands from slipping when they get sweaty during your workout. Some customer reviews indicate that the tape that comes with these rings is not very sticky and comes off easily. Keep this in mind if you rely on the tape for grip.

The weight capacity for these rings is 1100 pounds. This will ensure that the rings won’t fail on you during a workout, but you must still make sure that what they’re hanging from can also support plenty of weight. 

Being made of plastic, these rings are highly durable and will last outdoors. The high weight limit will ensure that these rings will not break.

The straps are 14.76 feet in length and are nylon. The straps are decent and will hold up. You need to ensure to place them in the buckles properly to ensure that they do not slip. 

This pair of rings is decent. The material is good, they have great durability, and they can hold a lot of weight. The straps and buckles for these are average, but get the job done. The only issue with these is the tape they come with. This will be a solid addition to your home gym. 

GoorangeSy Stainless Steel Olympic Rings

The material used for these rings is stainless steel. This is just about the strongest material you are going to find for a pair of gymnastic rings. These are going to be heavier than your average ring, so keep that in mind. 

The weight limit for these is absolute overkill, rated at 11000 pounds. You absolutely will never need the rings to hold this much weight, but it’s good to know they won’t fail on you.

These are the most durable rings you can get. These are safe for prolonged outdoor use, so you won’t have to worry about them deteriorating. Short of losing some coating, these rings are indestructible.

The straps for these are nice. They’re 15 feet long and come with marks to help make it easy for you to adjust them to your desired height. 

This is a great pair of rings that will last you a lifetime. They’re incredibly strong, have good straps, and can be used indoors or outdoors without worry of deterioration. The main issue with these will be the lack of grip they provide due to being smooth, but tape, gloves, or chalk should solve this problem. They’re just a bit pricier than the others on this list, but not enough to break the bank.

Buying Guide

Before buying a pair of gymnastic rings, there are some things you need to consider.

Where to Hang Them

When looking to incorporate gymnastic rings into your fitness routine, the most important thing to consider is where to hang them. 

You need to ensure that where you decide to hang the rings is strong and sturdy enough to support your weight. The last thing you want is to be several feet off the ground and then have your support structure fail. This will likely lead to serious injury. 

A pullup bar, squat rack, playground monkey bars, or a thick tree branch (I’ve used the tree branch when I was regularly training on rings) are all great places to hang rings.

Weight Limit

Similar to above, the rings themselves must be able to support your weight. The straps will typically have a weight limit of 300 – 550 pounds. 

You want to make sure that the rings have additional weight capacity if you decide to do weighted exercise or more advanced, gymnastic style swinging movements. The additional weight or swinging will put additional tension on the straps and the support they’re hanging from.


You want gymnastic rings and straps that are not made of bad material. You want both the straps and the rings to be decent quality so that they last. 


Gymnastic Rings typically consist of one of three materials.


This is the material used for the Gymnastic Rings in the Olympics. 

Wood rings provide very good grip. They are also very comfortable to hold. Grip is one of the most crucial things to have when using rings, so if you can get these, do so!

These types of rings are the hardest to clean and require the most care. Do not leave these outdoors for long periods of time. I’ve found in my research that they can deteriorate if left exposed to the elements, especially rain. Don’t use any chemicals to clean these. Use a damp cloth to clean them and then let them dry. 

These rings will last you for many, many years if you care for them properly.


Plastic rings are generally the cheapest ring material.

These can get slippery if your hands get slippery, so gloves or chalk are highly recommended while using.

Cleaning these kinds of rings is very easy. You can use chemicals or a damp cloth to wipe them off. Make sure to dry them.


Metal rings are the most expensive and durable of the three material types. 

Like the plastic rings, these can get slippery if your hands get sweaty, so use gloves or chalk for better grip.

Don’t use chemicals to clean these as they may damage the coating. Stick to a damp cloth to wipe off metal rings. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about gymnastic rings.

Are Gymnastic Rings Safe?

As long as you make sure to pick a very strong and sturdy support for the rings and hang them properly, they are safe to use. 

You must ensure you hang the rings on something capable of supporting a large amount of weight to use rings safely. If the structure can support 5 times your weight, that should be more than enough.

What Can You Train With Rings?

There are a wide variety of exercises you can do to train just about every muscle in the upper body. Here are some common/well known exercises:

  • Pushups (Easy)
  • Dips (Easy)
  • Inverted Rows (Easy)
  • Pullups (Intermediate)
  • Flyes (Intermediate)
  • Muscle Ups (Intermediate)
  • L-Sits (Intermediate)
  • Handstands (Advanced)
  • Back Lever (Advanced)
  • Front Lever (Very Advanced)
  • Planche (Very Advanced)
  • Maltese (Elite Level Gymnast Advanced)
  • Iron Cross (Elite Level Gymnast Advanced)
  • Inverted Cross (Elite Level Gymnast Advanced)
  • Victorian Cross (Elite Level Gymnast Advanced)

Gymnastic Rings are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have, regardless of your fitness level. Many gymnasts build astonishing physiques almost exclusively with rings.

Who Uses Gymnastic Rings?

Gymnastic Rings are most well known for their use in Gymnastics and CrossFit. 

Many have discovered how amazing the rings are for fitness and are incorporating them into their fitness routines.  

How Do You Hang Gymnastic Rings?

Rings are pretty easy to set up. Regardless of which method you use, the ideal spacing for the rings is 50cm apart, or slightly wider than shoulder width. This is the standard for gymnasts.

Here is the simple way to set them up. The downside to this method is that the ring may move around in the strap while you’re using it.

  1. Place the strap over the object you want to hang the ring on.
  2. Run the strap through the ring.
  3. Pull the strap through the buckle.
  4. Test the ring before using it by giving the strap a good tug to ensure it won’t come loose.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the second ring.
  6. Test the rings once more by putting a little weight on them to ensure they are safe to use before beginning your workout. 

Here is the more advanced method of hanging rings. This method is superior to the one above and is better overall.

  1. Fold the strap in half.
  2. Run the folded end of the strap through the ring.
  3. Take the remaining doubled up strap and run it through the loop created by the fold. Make sure to wrap the strap around the ring of course. This will create a very tight and secure loop around the ring, which will prevent slipping.
  4. Place one strap over the object you want to hang the ring on.
  5. Pull the other strap through the buckle.
  6. Test the ring before using it by giving the strap a good tug to ensure it won’t come loose.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for the second ring.
  8. Test the rings once more by putting a little weight on them to ensure they are safe to use before beginning your workout.  

Final Verdict

When it comes down to it, grip is the most crucial element to a good pair of rings, making the PACEARTH Wooden Gymnastic Rings the best gymnastic rings you can get for your home gym. 

These rings consist of high quality wood, which provides superior grip. They also come with well-made straps with marks to indicate how long you’d like them to be when adjusting to different heights. This makes the rings user friendly.

Make sure to never leave these rings outdoors or they will deteriorate. They are best for indoor use only, but you can use them outdoors for short periods.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that no matter what pair of rings you use, ensure that what they’re hanging on can support many times your weight. Rings capable of holding thousands of pounds mean nothing if what they’re hanging on will break long before then.

Get you a pair of rings and you will be one step closer to reaching your fitness goals!

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