Best Cheap Squat Racks For A Beginning Home Gym

best cheap squat rack

This is my review of some of the best cheap squat racks on Amazon.

I looked through quite a large number of different squat racks and determined that the HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack was the best cheap squat rack I could find. 

I spent over a week researching the different equipment options available on Amazon to come to my conclusion. I did find several racks that were better than what are on this list, but those were far pricier by comparison, and would not make sense to be in a guide reviewing the best cheap squat racks.

The reason the HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack is my top choice is due to the fact that it saves a great deal of space, has good quality steel (not 11 gauge steel but still pretty good with 12 gauge steel), has options for plate storage, and it has decent attachments. 

I made sure to review at least one of each type of squat rack and sought to find the best of each while staying in a cheaper price range. Each of the other options on this list will be great for you depending on your needs.

Keep on reading to find out what the best cheap squat racks are for your home gym. 

Top Picks

Best Half Rack on Amazon: HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack
Best Folding Squat Rack on Amazon: PRx Performance Fold-In ONE Squat Rack
Best Power Rack on Amazon: Fitness Reality Squat Rack Power Cage
Best Squat Stand on Amazon: Yes4All Adjustable Barbell Squat Rack

Roundup Review

Here are the best squat racks I have found on Amazon. 

HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack

This piece of equipment is a half rack. It takes up fairly little space and still gets the job done.

This rack has a max weight capacity of 800 pounds. This is good for the majority of fitness enthusiasts as you won’t have to worry about exceeding the weight limit. 

This rack does come with spotter arms, which are a crucial element to any squat rack. 

The steel used for this rack’s construction is quite decent. It uses 12 gauge steel, so it’s fairly strong. The base also gives this rack a decent amount of stability, so it won’t wobble around too much. 

Spotter arms, J-Hooks, and a pullup bar come with this equipment. The spotter arms have parallel bars to allow you to do dips, which is a pretty nice bonus feature to have. The holes are 1 and 1/16th inches in diameter, so any 1-inch accessories you have are usable here. 

One nice thing that this rack has is pegs for optional weight plate storage. They’re at the bottom of the rack, so this will help save a little extra space and give additional stability if you need it.

This rack takes up little space and is not too tall, standing at a height of 81 inches. You’ll be able to put this rack in a fairly small space and still make it work.

This is a decent rack that you can add to your home gym. It will be perfect for the majority of fitness enthusiasts looking to build and maintain strength. It is well made, sturdy, and is not killer on the wallet. 

PRx Performance Fold-In ONE Squat Rack

This is a foldable squat rack that you can install on your wall and fold away when you’re done.

This rack is capable of holding up to 1000 pounds, which should be more than enough for the majority of fitness enthusiasts. You won’t have to worry about exceeding the weight limit any time soon with this rack.

Unfortunately, spotter arms do not come with this equipment, but the good news is you can buy spotter arms to use for it. Spotter arms are incredibly important to your safety, especially if you plan on lifting alone. This rack comes with safety locking pins that you can use to keep it from unfolding off the wall when not in use. 

This rack consists of 14-Gauge Steel, which is not the most ideal or highest quality, but the construction will serve your fitness needs, nonetheless. You will need some ledger boards in order to install this rack against the wall, so keep that in mind. Unlike other folding squat racks, this one folds against the wall like a book rather than up and down like most folding racks. This isn’t bad by any means, but it does take a bit longer to take out and put away than a standard folding rack.

J-Hooks and a Pullup bar come with this equipment. You will need spotter arms for safety, but the good news is that you can buy those separately. This equipment does come with storage for the spotter arms, but not the spotter arms themselves. 

There are no options for plate storage unfortunately for this equipment. You will have to find another place to store your plates.

This rack shines when it comes to saving space. Once installed to your wall, the rack will only stick out 6.5 inches off the wall. This means it will take up almost no floor space. You will need a decent amount of wall space for this rack, however, so make sure you have it before purchasing.

This is a great rack due to its space saving capabilities and high weight limit. The lack of storage space and the need to buy the spotter arms separately is a bit of an issue, but not enough to make this rack unbuyable. The low grade steel does reduce the overall quality of this product, but again, it will suit the needs of the majority of those interested in fitness.

Fitness Reality Squat Rack Power Cage

This piece of equipment is a power rack. It is quite cheap, but not the highest quality rack.

The max weight for this rack is 800 pounds. This rack is definitely able to hold this much weight, but there may be a little wobble in the rack. 

The safety rods that come with this rack function as your spotter arms.

This rack has a decent construction, but it is not the most stable. The grade of steel is not mentioned in the specs, but it is most likely a 14 gauge steel.

The J-Hooks that come with this rack are small but are capable of holding a lot of weight. The holes are one inch holes and can fit some one inch accessories if you have any. The rack also comes with a pullup bar, which you can install upside down if you would like to save vertical space. The rack isn’t too tall so if you’re over 6 feet, this may be a bit cramped for you. You can get this rack with the lat pulldown attachment, but that does cost extra.

This rack doesn’t come with weight storage, so you will not be able to store plates on this rack. 

This is a fairly compact rack, so it won’t take up a lot of space in your home gym. 

This product is decent if you are on a budget. It will be great for those who aren’t lifting extremely heavy loads and those who are beginners. Is it the best cheap squat rack? Not necessarily, but it will definitely get the job done for the average fitness enthusiast. If you are a more casual lifter, a beginner, or just looking to maintain a decent level of fitness, then this rack will serve your needs well.

Yes4All Adjustable Barbell Squat Rack

This is a squat stand that consists of a base with two squatting towers. 

You can buy either the rack with a 600 pound limit or a 550 pound limit. Due to the lower weight limit, this rack is best for beginner to intermediate lifters. Once you start getting to around the 200 pound mark, customer reviews indicate the rack can get pretty wobbly. 

This rack includes two built-in adjustable spotter arms, which is critical to your lifting safety. They are adjustable, so be careful not to set them too high or too low when doing bench press or squats. 

The construction of this product is decent and will allow you to do what you need. This equipment is a bit wobbly, so I would recommend you put something to weigh it down to guarantee it doesn’t tip over. 

Spotter arms and the J-Hooks (barbell shelf) are part of this rack. There are handles built in behind the J-Hooks, which is a nice feature if you’d like to do dips. 

There are plate holders at the base of this rack. I highly recommend you use them to help weigh down this rack to keep it from wobbling so much.

This rack will take up little space, making it a great space saver for your home gym. 

This rack is best suited for beginners and those looking to only lift up to 225 for bench, maybe even 300. Even though the weight limit is 600 pounds, many reviews indicate that this rack is wobbly, so if you’re going to get it, make sure you have plenty to weigh it down with. The good news is it will still do its job if you’re in the beginning phase of your bench press or squat journey. 

Buying Guide

Here are some key things you should be looking for when looking to buy a squat rack for your home gym.

Type of Squat Racks

When it comes to looking for a squat rack for your home gym, keep in mind there are different types of squat racks. There’s the Power Rack, Half Rack, Squat Stand, and Folding Squat Rack.

A Power Rack is a big, cage-like piece of equipment. Barbell exercises are typically done with these. They often come with pull-up bars or features that allow you to do band exercises and suspension training.

A Squat Stand is typically two steel vertical posts that a barbell rests on. You can do squats and bench press with this piece of equipment. It is also smaller, so it makes a good space saver if you have limited space.

A Half Rack is almost a combination of a Power Rack and a Squat Stand. It has only two metal posts, takes up less space, and weighs less than a full power rack. They are cheaper than a full power rack, but the former will be a better option if you are able to afford it.

A Folding Squat Rack is amazing for saving space. They are typically mounted on the wall and function as any other squat rack, but when you’re finished, you can fold them up against the wall. This effectively means they take up almost no space!

Weight Capacity

When looking for a squat rack, pay attention to its weight capacity.

A 600 pound weight capacity is good for beginner-intermediate lifters.

An 800 pound weight capacity is good for beginner-advanced lifters.

A 1000+ pound weight capacity is the sign of a high quality squat rack, and is suitable for anyone. This will obviously be the priciest option. 

Safety Features

Safety is critical when using a squat rack. 

You’ll definitely want spotter arms/safety pins with your squat rack. These will ensure that if you do not have a spotter available, you have something to help keep you from getting injured should the weight be too heavy for you. 

Safety straps are similar to spotter arms/safety pins, but have more give in them. This will allow you to still be able to do reps if you were to accidentally place the safety straps too high. More importantly, the flexibility they have allows them to absorb heavy impacts from dropped weights. The standard safety pins could potentially break if you drop a heavy weight on them.


When it comes to squat racks, the range in price can vary quite dramatically. 

Anywhere from $300 – $2000 is what you can expect to spend on a squat rack. For a home gym, $150 – $1000 should be enough to suit your needs. 

Keep in mind that the more features you want for your rack, the more expensive it will be.


11-Gauge Steel is the gold standard for squat racks. 

A lower number indicates a thicker steel. A thicker steel can carry more weight. 

You’ll also want to pay attention to the hole spacing. Squat racks typically have 1 inch, 2 inch, and Westside spacing between holes. 

Westside spacing has 1 inch spacing throughout and 2 inches at the top and bottom of the squat rack. It is most ideal for you if you have an interest in powerlifting, otherwise a standard 2 inch should be good. The Westside spacing is more expensive compared to the other two.


Many squat racks will come with additional features that will allow you to do a wide range of other exercises.

Common attachments can be dip stations, cable attachments, pullup bars, and landmine attachments. Often you must purchase these separately.


Different types of squat racks will take up different amounts of space. 

Power Racks will take up the most space, followed by Half Racks, followed by Squat Stands, followed by Folding Racks.


Here are some common questions many may have when looking to buy a squat rack.

Is a cheap squat rack unsafe?

As long as you are able to get a squat rack with adequate safety features, a good construction, and a good weight limit, you should be fine. 

Difference between a power rack and a squat rack?

A power rack is the full cage-like piece of equipment with four posts.. A squat rack, also called a squat stand, is a simpler piece of equipment that features two vertical posts attached to a base.

What is the cost of a squat rack?

Squat racks can range anywhere from around $100 – $2000, depending on the quality of the rack and the attachments that come with it.

Can you bench with a squat rack?

Yes, you can bench with a squat rack. Many often use a squat rack for both squats and bench press. 

Final Verdict

The best cheap squat rack you will find on Amazon is the HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack

It has the most versatility of all the others in this list while maintaining a cheap price. It has plenty of good features and boasts a solid construction that is sturdy and capable of holding 800 pounds, making it great for most fitness enthusiasts. 

A squat rack is an essential component to any home gym. Get one for your home gym so you can start benching and squatting!

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