Welcome to Fitness Solitude!

This is a site catered to those who are interested in home fitness, those reasons stemming from response to the ongoing global pandemic (COVID-19), those who do not have access to a gym or are far from one, those who may be too busy to go to a gym away from home or maybe even want to save gas, or possibly even those who are gym shy and want to start small and work out alone before delving into a public gym.

Whatever your reasons, Fitness Solitude was created for those interested in keeping their workouts at home and building their own home gym.

My name is Donald Wilson. I’m a busy engineering student living in a rather remote area, far from a public gym, and having a passion for fitness, I needed a way to build muscle and gain strength without having to take away too much from my studies.

I have been seriously weight lifting 5-6 times a week for about 2 years now, and had trained on and off at a gym for a couple of years before moving. I’ve been into fitness from a young age, but I never really had much guidance to the life long journey that is fitness. Fitness is a journey that can be difficult to embark on without any guidance, and thus I want to be able to share my journey and findings with those who may be looking for guidance, or those who are also interested in working out from home.

I will say up front that I am not a fitness expert, nor am I a nutrition expert, but that doesn’t mean the information here is useless. I have several years of experience with many different fitness related endeavors and have made a lifestyle out of it, so rest assured that I wish to give honest reviews and advice regarding equipment, knowledge, workouts, etc.

If you’re still reading, then let’s embark on this journey together!

I hope you enjoy the content, and if you have any suggestions on how to make this site better, please feel free to let me know!